The Top 10 Celebrity Nude Scenes of 2010

Happy nude year! As 2010 draws to a close, Mr. Skin celebrates the sexiest celebrities of the past 12 months who shed their clothes on camera. From two skinstant classic lesbian love tussles (one in 3D) to tele-vision turn-ons who are transforming TV into the true boob tube, 2010 stands as a year that will live in skinfamy—and the following celebrity nude scenes are its 10 most sizzling standouts.

Alba thumb thumbnail

Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me

Naked at last, Jessica gives us the rear of the year as Casey Affleck beats her perfect rump rosy red with a belt. That is one Killer caboose.

Placido thumb thumbnail

Violante Placido in The American

Violante’s mom, Simonetta Stefanelli, got naked in The Godfather and here, this Roman ravisher proves tit runs in the family. Scale her topless Italian Alps for a Skinternational delight.

Dunst thumb thumbnail

Kirsten Dunst in All Good Things

Kiki shows tee-tee’s, hopping in the shower with Ryan Gosling. While watching All Good Things, prepare to feel one wood thing.

Parker thumb thumbnail

Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds

Mary-Louise gets a meat bong from behind in her most smoking sex session to date on Showtime’s potent pot-com. You’ll get high… in your pants.

Creskoff thumb thumbnail

Rebecca Creskoff in Hung

Rebecca flirted with nakedness in the first season of Hung, but here she follows up with a full-frontal nude scene that lays to rest any doubt as to whether she’s a natural redhead.

Seyfried moore thumb thumbnail

Amanda Seyfried in Julianne Moore

Kitten-on-cougar action unleashed! Young blonde Amanda beds veteran redhead Julianne for a lesbian chow-down destined to transcend all ages.

Hathaway thumb thumbnail

Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs

Sure, Anne’s been nude before, but she still conveys the wholesomeness of her Disney princess days. That’s what makes it even more of a thrill when she peels to reveal. Her jugs are the real Drugs.

Paz thumb thumbnail

Paz de la Huerta in Boardwalk Empire

Latin lustbomb Paz couldn’t stop going off, getting off, or taking all her clothes off. She got so nude so often, it’s skin-possible to pick just one nude scene. So check out her perfect two.

Pare thumb thumbnail

Jessica Paré in Hot Tub Time Machine

After her lesbian debut atop Piper Perabo in Lost and Delirious, juggalicious Jessica seemed to go M.I.A., but she returns to DDD greatness here. It’s no small wonder(s) she became the most-searched woman online after Mad Men’s season finale.

Brook steele thumb thumbnail

Kelly Brook in Riley Steele

Kelly’s all-natural voluptuousness makes for a volcanic mix as she gets it on with porn babe Riley Steele in a skintastically graphic underwater Sapphic sexcapade in the mam-to-mam, muff-to-muff miracle of 3D.

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