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The list of the ten most popular nude celebrities on our site changes continuously, and we definitely recommend checking it out since it's fascinating to see what fellow nudity enthusiasts are into at any given moment. The list can be found at the bottom of the Mr. Skin homepage. So why am I writing about the list right now? Because the lineup of trending stars is particularly stacked!

Sydney Sweeney Nude In Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney nude is never not popular, and she's enjoying yet another bump in exposure thanks to her hotly anticipated romantic comedy debut opposite Glen Powell in Anyone But You.

Everyone wants to see America's girl-next-door Kaley Cuoco nude, but inexplicably she has kept her breast assets covered over the course of her career. Which, in keeping with human nature, only makes her fans want to see her nude even more.

Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery actually has nudity, and all of a sudden, everyone wants in.

Scarlett Johansson Nude In Under The Skin

When is Scarlett Johansson not trending? Everyone wants to see Black Widow's incredible nude role in Under The Skin, where she shows her boobs, butt, and even bush.

Alexandra Daddario Nude In True Detective

Alexandra Daddario is another one who hasn't been in the news for any particular reason, but who is always in the Skin zeitgeist thanks to her world-class nudity.

Jennifer Aniston Nude In The Morning Show

In the top three, we have Jennifer Aniston nude, who just delivered one of her rare nude scenes in her hit AppleTV+ series The Morning Show.

Emma Stone Nude In The Favourite

And Emma Stone nude, who is currently making waves for her quirky new series The Curse.

Jennifer Lawrence Nude In No Hard Feelings

And Jennifer Lawrence, who made a huge career comeback with her hilarious R-rated comedy No Hard Feelings. With her legendary full-frontal nude beach fight scene, she proved herself to be one of the most reliably nude stars of her generation. Take note Kaley Cuoco.

Top Ten Most Popular Nude Celebrities