Everyone and their MILF is watching the explosive, headline-grabbing Hulu miniseries Pam & Tommy, and everyone and their MILF is remember the good ol' days when Pamela Anderson's legendary boobs were in our faces 24/7. Between the years of 1992 and 1997 Anderson starred as C.J. Parker on Baywatch, where she became infamous for her bouncy slow-motion jogging. Gotta get that cardiO-face! Plus at the height of her Baywatch fame Anderson bared her huge breasts in 1993's Snapdragon, 1994's Raw Justice, 1995's Naked Souls, and 1996's Barb Wire. It was an amazing decade for Pamela Anderson's boobs as well as lovers of Pamela Anderson's boobs.

Pamela Anderson's Boobs

Lily James' Prosthetic Boobs In Pam & Tommy

However things hit a hiccup for Pamela in 1995, when her intimate sex tape with her husband of 96 hours, Tommy Lee, was leaked to the public. The media ruthlessly derided Pamela - something that would later be referred to as "slut shaming" or "emotional abuse." But back in the day it was just jokes!

This saga recently received the small screen treatment with the critically acclaimed miniseries Pam & Tommy. The versatile Lily James dared to take on the role of Hollywood legend Pam Anderson, and we must say that she did a truly fantastic job. In order to accurately emBODY Pamela, Lily donned prosthetic breasts for the role. No, this isn't because Lily James is hesitant to go nude on camera. We saw Lily James nude in The Exception.

Rather, the Pam & Tommy makeup team was dedicated to nailing Pamela's look. Lily's prosthetic breasts are certainly something, but are they Pam Anderson-worthy? Hit up the gallery below for comparison shots of Lily James in Pam & Tommy and Pamela Anderson in her iconic nude roles!