So pardon my French- but it's been fucking colder than a witches tit here in Chicago this winter. I mean, I've lived here my whole life but I could swear that every winter seems to be a little worse than the previous year. While I'd rather be on the beach in a bikini soaking up the sun, this usually means I'm either at work, or at home (I don't like venturing out in this shit if I don't have to) which affords me time for one of my favorite pleasures... watching movies!

We've got a pretty serious collection here at Mr. Skin (our library is packed with over 6,000 movies) so when I'm not clearing out my DVR box I'm "renting" whatever we've got that I haven't seen, and there's always LOTS to choose from...

Right now I'm taking my time watching Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge. There's 4 discs, which is pretty amazing for an Adult film- I had never seen something so high class since Jenna's Provocateur which might be my favorite porn done by Jenna although I wish she was actually in it more... She was the first "celebrity" I ever wanted to fuck silly... But that's why I ordered Jenna Loves Pain (1 and 2). Porn has come a really long way since the 70's...

Another film I'm excited to see is Choke. I heard the best way to appreciate it is to read the book first, now, I'm not much of a bookworm- but I have a feeling I should have no problem whipping through the story of a sex addict... Hell I might even have enough material to write my own book on the very same subject. I've read the review here at MrSkin, but I'm still trying to figure out why the lovely Bijou Phillips opted for a body double since she's been naked in movies before (see Havoc).

But now that the snow is finally starting to thaw, I'm ready to spend some of my time waiting for spring at the movies, primarily to see Watchmen, which opens this Friday and I heard it's been selling out midnight showings all over the country. I was excited to hear that they made this into a film, my Dad (who has amazingly great taste) gave the comic to me for Christmas a couple years ago and I love it... I'm very excited to see it adapted for the big screen, word in the office is sexy Swede Malin Akerman gets naked on more than one occasion (you may remember her from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle and The Heartbreak Kid). Normally she plays the cute blonde, but this time she'll be playing a sultry raven haired Laurie Jupiter, super-heroine extraordinarie.

Next week I'm opening the floor for your questions, I've been getting some pretty good ones over the last few months that I really feel need to be answered. So here's your chance- ask away!

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