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The Best Bush Scenes of 2023

We’ve rounded up the bare beavs that made 2023 a great year for bush, starting with the only woman to grace our list in two separate films, Vicky Krieps! The voracious Vicki’s va-jay-jay was seen in both More Than Ever and Corsage. Scarlett Johansson and Stephanie Hsu had two of the most talked about taco scenes of the year, and the fact that they ended up being the work of body doubles Katy Heffernan-Smith and Felicia Andolong respectively doesn’t make them any less special. The best bush may just go to Brenda Strong, who’s nudity game is still going strong at 62 thanks to her full frontal reveal in Unprisoned, although Mia Goth in Infinity Pool may give her a run for her money. Not to mention Natalie Portman, Pamela Anderson, Céline André, plus the dynamic duo of Zita Hanrot and Louise Chevillotte in My Sole Desire. Our sole desire? To see even more muff next year!

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