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Baltimore born and tough as nails, Tatianna Butler rocks one of the hardest bodies in the biz. Don't believe us? Ask Jeeves. If you're old enough to get that butler reference. With an extensive history in bodybuilding, professional wrestling, acting, and singing, her multiple talents and clear dedication to anything she’s involved in could take her to many different places in showbiz. Although she's now likely best known as a personal trainer to the stars, Tatianna did a little bit of acting herself. Yes, miss Butler has two acting credits to her name, one of them a softcore women’s prison flick in which she, understandably, plays one of the tougher inmates, and the other a TV documentary. But it was in the prison flick that we realized, unlike so many other women that get addicted to pumping iron, Tatianna has maintained a titanic set of titties. Seriously, look at a photo of her. She's yoked, and we stroked. She's jacked and we....masturbated. But if you're looking to see Tatianna's tatas in live action, check out her work as Mondo in Shadow: Dead Riot (2005). In one scene, Tatianna enters the communal shower after Misty Mundae and demands she starts to soap up her back. Misty is nervous, but too intimidated to say no. With her powerful presence, she seems capable of getting any girl to do her bidding, but we'd happily tag ourselves in if they're not into it, as long as she's cool with us working on our forearms as we do it. Does juicing shrink your nuts? Ours are the size of raisins after draining them all day to Tatianna Butler!