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Top Ten Naked Tennis Babes Screen shot 2018 09 17 at 12 54 44 pm 5a7bbf12 featured

These ten (plus) beauties will have you calling game, set, snatch, so grab your racket and as we serve up our Top Ten Naked Tennis Babes!... read more

Top Ten Nude Photographs in Movies Top 10 9 13 aa25c344 featured

Sometimes, even a still picture shown in a film is enough to get you going. If the pic is hot enough and the actress isn't nude elsewhere in the film, it can make for one of the best nude scenes around!... read more

Top Ten Hebrew Hotties Screen shot 2018 09 04 at 8 32 11 am 730dd28a featured

Get ready to say "Mazel Topless" to the Top Ten Hebrew Hotties!... read more

Top Ten Nude Working Girls Screen shot 2018 08 27 at 8 48 12 am f108b474 featured

We're celebrating Labor Day by checking out another kind of working girl, the kind who offers up her body for money in exchange for various services, if you catch our drift!... read more

Top Ten Nude Actresses Playing Another Actress Screen shot 2018 08 20 at 1 28 09 pm 076ec2a8 featured

It's always a lot of fun when an actress plays another famous actress in a film, particularly if they go nude in that film!... read more

Top Ten Nude Stars of the Fall 2018 TV Season Screen shot 2018 07 27 at 12 18 56 pm 294a041a featured

One of the only good things about summer coming to an end is the start of the new television season, and this year's crop of new shows is bringing some stone cold hotties into your homes! ... read more

Top Ten Sunbathing Nude Scenes Screen shot 2018 07 25 at 1 27 31 pm 5ff86790 featured

There's only a few more weeks of sunbathing season left, so let's celebrate with some of our favorite nude celebrity sunbathing scenes!... read more

Top Ten Underwater Nude Scenes Screen shot 2018 07 24 at 1 45 38 pm 7fca7782 featured

Now that August and the dog days of summer are upon us, there's no better place to spend your time than in the water!... read more

Top Ten Car Sex Nude Scenes Screen shot 2018 07 23 at 12 48 30 pm af8a232a featured

Summer's the perfect time to get it on in a car, and these ten babes all went the extra mile by banging in the car—and baring their bods in the process!... read more

Top Ten Naked Babes on Bicycles Screen shot 2018 07 16 at 12 36 12 pm db263362 featured

We're currently knee deep in the 105th Tour de France, and what better time to celebrate that age old tradition of naked women and bicycles?!... read more

Top Ten Topless Scenes From Pre-2000 Sci-Fi Movies Screen shot 2018 07 09 at 2 12 32 pm a8eac152 featured

Nowadays, sci-fi and skin go hand in hand, but it wasn't always that way. Sci-fi fans almost always had to look for nudity in the films of their cousin genre, horror. But if you ask us, the best nude scenes in sci-fi cinema all happened before the year 2000. Here's a look at our Top 10 Topless Scenes from Pre-2000 Sci-Fi Movies!... read more

Top Ten Nude Scenes from the ‘American Pie’ Franchise Screen shot 2018 07 06 at 8 21 18 am 4ce28d9a featured

If you're still in a patriotic mood after the festivities of the fourth, why not sit back and relax with ten of the best nude scenes from that most American of franchises: The American Pie series?!... read more

Top Ten Nude Scenes from Best Picture Winners Screen shot 2018 06 25 at 11 54 49 am dd697f29 featured

While Oscar-winning movies are often thought of as stuffy, intellectual, costume dramas, there's actually been more nudity in Best Picture winners than you might think! ... read more

Top Ten Nude Jurassic Park Beauties Screen shot 2018 06 19 at 9 14 44 am eae779ab featured

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom opens tonight and with all that hype, we're hoping for something huge! However, if you're looking to get huge yourself—if you catch my drift—why not check out ten of the franchise's hottest babes in the buff! Here are our Top Ten Nude Jurassic Park Beauties!... read more

Top Ten Nude Daughters of Famous Musicians Screen shot 2018 06 12 at 9 21 56 am 3bfe776e featured

Summer is a time for outdoor concerts and music festivals, and we're in a musical mood with this week's Top 10... read more

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