It’s that time, everybody! When everyone looks back at 2023 and starts putting together their top lists of the year. And with the recent release of the Critics’s Choice nominees, we at Mr. Skin were prompted to put together our own list of television shows that left really left a skin-pression in 2023.

The Best TV Shows With Nudity In 2023The Best TV Shows With Nudity In 2023

There was a lot of notable nudity on the small screen in 2023, and all of the series on this list definitely had people talking. From the return of Minx from cancellation, to the surprise reveals from stars like Jennifer Aniston and Keri Russell, not to mention the late-in-life frontal debut of Desperate Housewife Brenda Strong, this was a year that surpassed expectations. It truly is a golden age of television - and nudity!