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The Results Are In: See Who Won Mr. Skin's World Cups 2018! Daddario true detective 740166 infobox 80bd1eac featured

Hint: USA! USA! USA! ... read more

Foreign Film Friday: I Am Curious (Yellow) Nyman iamcuriousyell n 6 infobox 559c6579 featured

It's the sexy Swedish film that caused a huge controversy in swingin' sixties skinema. ... read more

Did the Muppets Lift a Famous Number from a Swedish Skin Flick? [VIDEO]

All signs point to yes. If you grew up watching the Muppet Show or Sesame Street, there are sure to be some conflicting sensations in your shorts when you see this clip from the 1968 exploitation opus Svezia, inferno e paradiso (aka Sweden: Heaven and Hell).

Directed by spaghetti-porn pioneer Luigi Scattini, Sweden: Heaven and Hell promises to take viewers into the deepest depths of Scandinavian depravity like lesbian nightclubs, swinger's parties, and a then-brand new kind of place: the porn set...all in the name of education, naturally.

In this sequence we see gorgeous Swedish blondes relaxing in a sauna. Unfortunately, it cuts away before the towels come off, but if you've seen the classic Muppet sketch with Dr. Howey and the Snowths, the tune should ring a bell:

Want more Scandinavian skin? Check out Mr. Skin's massive database of Swedish skinema from Christina Lindberg to Noomi Rapace right here at MrSkin.com!... read more

Puma Swede and Her Swedish Meatballs Now Have Hardcore Content on MrSkin.com 8580 web

If you like your porn babes with blonde hair, blue eyes, and ginormous jugs, then Mr. Skin has the babe you've been waiting for.
Stockholm-born Swedish import Puma Swede and her magnificent 32F rack (the "F" is for "Fantastic Funbaggage") now have X-rated content on MrSkin.com at no extra charge to members!
We've always had Puma's nude scenes from her mainstream roles in movies like I Hope The Serve Beer in Hell and Rack 'Em, but now you can also check her out Puma exhibiting her oral talents on some porn studs and getting into some kinky dildo play with some of her naked girlfriends.
And if you want to see some more of those massive mams in action, go over to her official site, PumaSwede.com.
You'll get access to her personal blog along with over 1250 scenes, 125,000 hi-res pics, and 12 other model sites. You even get access to her new mobile site! And if you're a member of MrSkin.com, you can get it all for 40% off the monthly going rate.
So come check out Puma Swede. You're guaranteed to spew some seed.... read more

Swedish Sensationsfilms is a Sinsational Treat 8145 web

It's mighty chilly in the frozen North, but that's never been a problem for the voluptuous Vikings of Swedish cinema, who can't seem to keep their clothes on!
Sweden's been providing boobs, bush and butt since long before Noomi Rapace.
Even in the bad old days before nudity in American film, savvy spankers knew that for quality celluloid cooze, hop on down to the art house for some Scandinavian cans.

In the swinging '60s, the erotic art film I am Curious (Yellow) (1967) caused a stir (and not just in men's pants) when it was deemed too obscene to be seen in the state of Massachusetts.
And in the liberated '70s, dreamy-eyed starlet Christina Lindberg made one-eyed monsters jump wearing nothing but an eyepatch in Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1972). Christina was an international woman of nudity throughout the '70s, appearing nude in films in Germany and Japan as well as her native Sweden. But these pioneers of poon are just the beginning.
Now you can be the most well-read wanker of the block with the nude book Swedish Sensationsfilms: A Clandestine History of Sex, Thrillers and Kicker Cinema by death metal historian and all around awesome-sounding guy Daniel Ekeroth.
Ekeroth gives us a guided tour through the sinsational history of sex, drugs and kickpunching in Swedish cinema, along with interviews with key players like the above mentioned Ms. Lindberg, scores of stunning posters and images from 1951 to 1993, a guide to the curious customs of the Swedes, and reviews and recommendations for 200 mind-melting movies.
With boner-provoking titles like Maid in Sweden, Dirty Fingers, The Seduction of Inga, Mona's Secret Sex Dreams, and How Marie Met Fredrik, Rebus The Donkey, Ploj The Kangeroo, And… and many, many more on the menu, how can you possibly resist?!
Get your copy today- no, get it RIGHT NOW!
... read more

The Girl with the Naked Knockers: DVD Roundup 2-22-11 7911 featured

This week on DVD and Blu-ray Noomi Rapace plays with fire while you play with yourself in The Stieg Larsson Series Box Set, Mary Louise Parker will get you high with her kind butt on season six of Weeds, and Due Date turns out to be a dude date and a non-nude date.
The Stieg Larsson Series Box Set
This week on Blu-Ray, it's the release of The Stieg Larsson Series Box Set featuring Swedish siren Noomi Rapace as the girl with the dragon tattoo who played with fire and kicked the hornet's nest. Noomi is naked in all three movies of trilogy, but your best looks at Noomi's naked knockers and nookie come at the one hour, eleven-minute mark of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where she shows all 3 B's getting out of bed with her lesbo gal-pal, and 18 minutes into The Girl Who Played with Fire, where she flashes T&A going on a muff-diving expedition. You've got to love a box set with those Swedish meatballs!
Weeds: Season Six
Mary Louise Parker still has the primo stuff in season six of the smokin' hot Showtime series Weeds, out on DVD today. And between the THC and the T&A, you don't have to be a stoner to get a boner. Season six brings with it some good looks at Mary Louise starkers along with some bonus boobs and butt from costar Jamie Renée Smith. Jamie reveals rack and rump having shower sex in an episode appropriately called "Bliss" and Mary gets bare-y getting boned from behind in the episode "Gentle Puppies "(They should have called it "Rough Doggy"). When this pot-dealing mom shows off her dime-bags, you'll be growing your own… in your pants.
Due Date
Robert Downey, Jr. is an expectant father who has to hitch a ride with an eccentric actor played by Zach Galifianakis in the comedy Due Date, out in on DVD this week. But I have disappointing news. Due Date is no nude date. Mamtastic Michelle Monaghan plays Downey Jr.'s pregnant wife here, but I preferred it when that pair appeared together in the 2005 crime comedy Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.Because they weren't the only pair to appear in that movie. In her only nude role to date, Michelle shows off her naked knockers three times. So why watch a Due Date with dudes when you can see two great boobs?... read more

Sixties Skin Star Salute: RIP Tura Satana & Lena Nyman 7869 featured

This weekend brought sadness not only to Pittsburgh, but to fans of classic movie nudity everywhere, with news of the passing of two of the icons of the sexual revolution in film.
Busty beauty Tura Satana, best known from her spec-rackular performance in the 1965 Russ Meyer classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, and Swedish siren Lena Nyman, star of the epochal 1967 skin flick I Am Curious (Yellow) both died on February fourth.
Tura, who once turned down a marriage proposal from Elvis, was 72 and died from heart failure.
Sadly, Tura never showed off her massive mammaries on the screen, but without chesty trailblazers like her, where would the Christina Hendrickses of this world be?
Lena had been suffering from long illness and died at the age of 66, but no one will ever forget her role in taking movie nudity out of the porn theaters and into the arthouses, where it quickly passed over into the mainstream.
After her breakthrough in I Am Curious (Yellow), she starred in the less successful sequel I Am Curious (Blue) and went on to work with film legend Ingmar Bergman.
Mr. Skin would like to take this moment to offer a one-handed salute to the memories of Tura and Lena.... read more

Under the Hood: Theater Nudity Roundup 1-28-11 7847 featured

This weekend in theaters, Camilla Belle stars in From Prada to Nada, Alice Braga costars in The Rite, and Swedish supermodel Mini Anden strips in the new Jason Statham shoot-em-up The Mechanic. She'll have you reaching for your monkeywrench.
The Mechanic
Blasting its way into theaters this weekend, it's The Mechanic, featuring Swedish supermodel Mini Anden. You might come for the action, but you'll stay for the Rack-tion. 12 minutes into The Mechanic we get to see what's under the hood when Mini Anden bares her minis and her can-den as she gets a tune-up from Jason Stratham. The way you're inspecting her headlights and rear bumper, you'll feel like a mechanic yourself!
The Rite
Possessing theaters this weekend, Brazilian beauty Alice Braga costars with Anthony Hopkins in the supernatural spookfest The Rite. Ms Braga keeps covered here but you can still see Alice's wonderland this weekend. Just fast forward to the 45-minute mark of the 2006 flick Lower City, where Alice shows her lower and upper city when she goes fully frontal. Let Anthony Hopkins exorcise in The Rite while you exercise YOUR right to bare boobs and bush!
From Prada to Nada
Not nude in theaters, Camilla Belle and Alexa Vega are two spoiled sisters who suddenly find themselves in the poorhouse in From Prada to Nada. The level of nudity in this movie is somewhere below nada, and neither babe has even so much as slipped a nip on camera. So while you're waiting for Camilla and Alexa to come to their skinses, you check out Camilla in her bra and panties in The Ballad of Jack and Rose. But how can you jack a rose to that?... read more

The Girl Who Kicked the Horny Nest: DVD Roundup 1-25-11 7840 featured

Nude on DVD this week, we have a collection of horror, fantasy and thriller flicks to please skin-fans who like to walk on the wild side.
From the muff-diving heroine of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest to the splatter of Saw: The Final Chapter to the skin-filled psychedelia of Enter the Void, it's a week of surprises and sweater-stuffers.

SAW: The Final Chapter

SAW: The Final Chapter AKA SAW 3D is the seventh installment in the horror franchise that turned us all into stiffs with full frontal nudity from Debra McCabe in Saw III, but hasn't shown so much as a bloody boob since then. This movie features the bloody end of franchise star and Mr. Skin Hall-of-Famer Betsy Russell, who’s shown skin in classic 80s movies likePrivate School, where she flashed boobs, butt, and bush at a lucky peeping tom. I thought I SAW a pussy cat!
Enter the Void
Directed by controversial Irreversible director Gaspar Noé, the psychedelic supernatural sci-fi flick Enter the Void tells the story of an American drug dealer killed by police in Tokyo who becomes a ghost to watch over his damaged sister (Paz de la Huerta). Along with tons of trippy computer-generated special effects, we also get to see plenty of Paz's boobs, butt, and bush as she dances in clubs, makes out with a Japanese girl in a bathroom, and gets an abortion. If you like it raw, then don't avoid Enter the Void.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest
Nude on DVD, nakedly naughty Noomi Rapace returns as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. But if you're looking for the same level of nudity we've come to expect from Noomi in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire, prepare to get stung by this hornet's nest. The third film in the Millenium trilogy is last and least, when it comes to nudity from Noomi. An hour and 39 minutes in, there's a flashback with a flash of back-side. And two hours and 20 minutes in, we get another all-too-brief glimpse of the Rapace rump in the tub and that's it. Come on Noomi, how about showing those Swedish meatballs?... read more

Bare Tails and Fairy Tales: Gemma Arterton to Play Gretel 7794 featured

To cast the female lead in Hansel and Gretel, an upcoming "dark action movie" based on the already pretty dark children's story of kidnapping and cannibalism, the producers sought out the hottest babes from all over the world, all of whom had done great nudity.
From France, they looked at Eva Green, who stripped in The Dreamers. From Sweden came Noomi Rapace, who nakedly lezzed out in both The Girl Who Played with Fire and Dasiy Diamond. From Germany there was Diane Kruger, whose T&A made her the perfect Helen of Troy. And from the UK they looked at Gemma Arterton, who finally got the role, maybe because they saw her naked partertons in The Disappearance of Alice Creed.
Based on the way they've been casting this movie Mr. Skin can only assume that the people behind Hansel and Gretel are looking to make some kind of skin-filled fantasy along the lines of Cinderella with blond B-movie babe Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith or Fairy Tales with naked scream queen Linnea Quigley.
But if that's the case, why not cast Eva, Noomi, and Diane as the three little pigs? Then Gemma can huff and puff and blow their clothes off.
Can you Hansel that?... read more

Look Under Swedish Supermodel Mini Anden's Hood with The Mechanic Red Band Trailer 7793 web

The new Jason Stratham shoot-em-up action flick The Mechanic isn't due out in theaters until the end of the month, but the red band trailer is available on the Internet and it's already giving skin fans something to look forward to.
One of the costars of the film, Swedish supermodel-turned-actress Mini Anden, has a T&A-baring sex scene with Stratham that is featured prominently in the trailer as a counterpoint to the threatening dialogue, exploding heads, and car crashes.
A minute and 27 seconds into the trailer, we see one brown-nipped b-cup boob in a series of shots of a woman who looks like Mini banging Stratham and we get a look at her naked butt as she rides him cowgirl-style two minutes and 15 seconds in.
Be warned that there are no scenes where her face and a naked body part are on the screen at the same time, so this may well be a body double standing in for Ms. Anden, who has yet to do a nude scene. Stay tuned to find out whether or not those are Mini's mini-mams in The Mechanic. But either way, bring your tool(s).... read more

13 Naked Satanic Sex Shockers! 2857 web

Tits the season to turn (on) to Satan.

Follow the McMestophelian trail of McBeardo as he conjures up a stroker’s dozen of the most scorchingly occult-themed flesh-flicks to ever destroy pants and reap souls.

Get the supernatural skinny on diabolical diversions that include Nude for Satan, Satan's Cheerleaders, Satan's Schools for Sluts, and To the Devil, a Daughter.

Also read a bunch of berserk boob-butt-and-bush hoo-hah along the way, bolstered by more Nekromistress t-shirt shots. Is this the week she gets nude? Click the pic to find out.... read more

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