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Naked Babes make Heroes, Lost Most Pirated Shows of 2010 7792 featured

NBC's Heroes and ABC's Lost, two sci-fi dramas that ended their runs in 2010, are the TV shows with the most illegal downloads in 2010, according to TorrentFreak.com.
Lost went off the air after wrapping up its sprawling, enigmatic storyline while Heroes was cancelled due to poor ratings. Ironically, Heroes, like the third most-pirated show, Showtime's skin-filled crime drama Dexter, was downloaded by more people who watched it according to the Nielsen ratings. If NBC had been counting illegal downloads instead of legitimate TV viewers, Heroes may still be on the air.
But the question of why so many people downloaded episodes of Heroes and Lost is easy to answer with one look at MrSkin.com.
Heroes boasted some of the hottest babes of the 2000's, like twice-nude Ali Larter and sexy but sadly skinless Kristen Bell and Hayden Panettiere. Lost had more island-stranded beauties than plot twists, including Evangeline Lilly, Maggie Grace, Yoon-jin Kim, Elizabeth Mitchell, Sonya Walger, and Bai Ling.
But why bother with an illegal download when you can see every one of these actresses nude or sexy at MrSkin.com without risking prosecution by the FBI?... read more

Unseen Nudity from National Lampoon's The Stoned Age 4822 web

Topless Babes from Age of Stone Will Give You a Raging Bone

With a cast that includes A-listers like Heroes star Ali Larter and recently nude supermodel Carol Alt, National Lampoon's The Stoned Age would seem to have enough flesh to ogle.

With all this female talent, the non-nude contributions of child star Madeline Zima (who recently went topless in Californication) and her two sisters Vanessa and Yvonne landed on the cutting room floor.

But not to worry, they still show up in the DVD extras section with four other luscious ladies whose topless scenes were inexplicably left out of the final edit.

Read more and see some nude screencaps after the jump.... read more

Hayden Panettiere's Mom Tries to Auction off Her Daughter’s Panties 1227 featured

Heroes Starlet Cruelly Teases Would-Be Thong-Sniffers

18-year old marine mammal enthusiast Hayden Panettiere decided recently to auction off her old clothes in order to raise money for Save the Whales, a cause near and dear to her heart. But when the star came across some old underwear in a pile of things her mom had pulled out to sell, she balked.

Hayden was all for the idea of selling off some of her many possessions for a good cause, just not, apparently, the cause of men who want to put famous actresses' soiled panties on their faces like gas masks and pleasure themselves.

Read more and check out a classic panty pic from Revenge of the Nerds after the jump.... read more

Hayden Panettiere Shows Boyfriend Her Panettieres 721 featured

Rah! Rah! Sis Boob Bah! The Heroes Hottie Strips and Shows Her Boyfriend What's Under That Pleated Skirt!

Short but sweet little sex kitten Hayden Panettiere is breast known as a cheeky cheerleader on the superhero show Heroes, and she put her cheerleading uniform to a much different use when she gave her boyfriend, Heroes costar Milo Ventimiglia, a sextra special gift recently.

Allegedly, Milo had a very, very happy birthday on July 8th, when he turned thirty-one. Not only was his gorgeous 19-year-old girlfriend Hayden in attendance, but she was wearing a special version of her rah-rah gear . . . which she ripped off to reveal red lingerie.

Click through the break to read about Panettiere's pretty panties. You'll get a megabone!
... read more

Heroes Hottie Ali Larter Talks of Her Own Teen Nudity 494 featured

Whipped-Cream-Bikini Babe Ali Larter Looks Back at her Naked TV Debut at 18

The commercial was for Designer Imposter Body Sprays by Parfums Décor, and it depicted as gorgeous a nude blonde teenager as has ever been photographed coating the intimate areas of her flawless physique, which were blocked by black bars (albeit just barely).

The year was 1994, the ad aired frequently during Beavis and Butt-Head, and the flaxen vision being showcased was none other than 18-year-old Ali Larter—an entire half-decade before she forever reconfigured the erotic possibilities of dairy products by inventing the whipped-cream bikini in Varsity Blues.... read more

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