HaydenHeroes Starlet Cruelly Teases Would-Be Thong-Sniffers

18-year old marine mammal enthusiast Hayden Panettiere decided recently to auction off her old clothes in order to raise money for Save the Whales, a cause near and dear to her heart. But when the star came across some old underwear in a pile of things her mom had pulled out to sell, she balked.

Hayden was all for the idea of selling off some of her many possessions for a good cause, just not, apparently, the cause of men who want to put famous actresses' soiled panties on their faces like gas masks and pleasure themselves.

"You acquire a lot of stuff so I decided to put it on the website,” explains Hayden, “Mom pulled out some embarrassing stuff, but I'm like, 'Just don't pull out my underwear'."

It’s possible that the underwear Hayden wanted to hold on to was the same red lingerie when she stripped for her boyfriend and Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia on set last month.

If Hayden changes her mind, Mr. Skin will throw himself in front of a Japanese harpoon to get a pair of those panties.

As long as she provides some photo documentation that they were in direct contact with her beaver before going into a sealed envelope under the supervision of a notary public.

Here is a pic of Colleen Madden's recently de-pantied bush from the classic teen sex comedy Revenge of the Nerds demonstrating what this photo documentation would need to look like.
Colleen Madden in Revenge of the Nerds