By Count Rackula

Suzy McCoppin is a B-movie actress, author, and columnist at Her column is called Party Girl, and covers the nightlife of Los Angeles. Suzy also appeared naked in Entourage, and that experience, along with a lesbian reenactment, became the topic of her first column.

Can you tell us about being on Entourage?

It was a great experience in retrospect. At the time it was still the first season and it wasn’t on the air yet, so I thought I was doing a pilot and it would go nowhere. I had no idea it would become a juggernaut.

On my first episode I played a stripper and I wound up dancing for Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier). We had great chemistry and then he requested that he bring me back for another episode and it turned out to be the final episode and I played one in a long list of girlfriends that he’s saying goodbye to at the end of the summer.

You had a nude sex scene with Adrian Grenier that you’re reenacting it on, right? Who are you re-enacting it with?

My friend Caitlin Ross.

Whose idea was that?

That was my editor at Playboy’s idea.

What is it that you do at Playboy?

They just kind of gave me carte blanche to do what I wanted to do. It’s a video blog called Party Girl, so it’s all going to be somewhat party-related.

I started out as an actress and I amassed this colorful body of work, if you will. I was in a lot of low-budget horror movies and I was naked on Entourage, and I was naked on Sex and The City, and I did a lot of bawdy-type things. So we’re going to exploit that.

Do you go to a lot of parties?

In L.A.? Yes I do.

What’s the wildest thing that ever happened to you at a party?

That’s a good question. [Laughs] One time I passed out at a party and I had to be carried out. And my friends and I had just seen Basic Instinct on cable so I had been not wearing underwear for like, a week. And I passed out in the back of this club and all these frat guys were carrying me out. They each had a limb so I was spread-eagled and it was the one week I had chosen not to wear underwear.

So everybody got a view?

Yeah, it was like Basic Instinct 3.

And you’ve got a book that’s looking for a publisher?

Yes. The co-author's name is Alison Aimee. It’s called Blagging, Slagging, and Shagging and its about our experience with tabloids. We’ve partied professionally for the last five years so it’s also going to be detailing that. “Blagging” is a British colloquialism for lying and “slagging” is a British colloquialism for gossip, and “shagging” is a British colloquialism for sex.

Is your co-author British?

No, but everyone in the tabloid industry is British.

What made you want to write this book?


What’s the first nude scene you ever saw in a movie?

Jaws. When the girl is running down the beach. It was on cable. In fact I have a blog about that! I remember being really, really, turned on by the sight of a naked woman, which is odd because I am right. I was obsessed with having boobs. I was eight when I saw that and I just became obsessed with having boobs.

And then it happened.

And then it happened!

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