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Supergirl (2015-2021)

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In 2015 CBS decided to get in on the superhero craze with the DC Comics adaptation Supergirl, though it switched to The CW from 2016 to its finale in 2021. It would've really been super if it moved to a network that let us see what was under that cape, but oh well. It's a bird, it's a plane, it's dissapointment. Starring the beautiful brunette Melissa Benoist, the series follows Kara Zor-El AKA Kara Danvers AKA Supergirl as she starts to embrace her true powers at the age of 24. She was thirteen when she was sent to Earth to protect Superman, but her pod got thrown off course and stuck in a parallel dimension. By the time she makes it to Earth, Supes is a grown man who very much doesn't need her protection. Instead of Metropolis, she decides she'll lord over National City alongside her adopted sister Alex (Chyler Leigh), which puts her at odds with The Martian Manhunter (David Harewood). Soon enough she's making sex eyes at Jimmy Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), battling Lex's (Jon Cryer) mom Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), and taking the world by storm thanks to her ability to save the day. Sure, she battled bad guys and aliens, but how many men jumped off buildings hoping to get snatched out of the air so they could cop a feel of the girl of steel? A day couldnt pass where the girl from Krypton wasn't getting get crept on! We get to see Melissa Benoist in several differrent scandalous outfits while she tries to pick the perfect superhero costume out, including a pair of camel-toe creating spandex shorts and a tiny skirt. That'll have your pants around your ankles faster than a speeding bullet! Her adopted sis Chyler Leigh might not have had superpowers, but she had the power to give us a boner after doing some girl on girl kissing and touching with Floriana Lima. But soon enough, Chyler's cheating by making out with Caity Lotz. You'll watch that scene a lot. You'll be dying to get it on with the girl from Krypton after watching Supergirl!