Nothing like getting up in the morning and greeting the sunrise. That is, Sunrise Adams, the Vivid girl and porno star, who with her fellow fellatios has penned a new self-help book called How To Have A XXX Sex Life: The Ultimate Vivid Guide (Regan Books).

Sunrise and her sexy co-wankers Jenna Jameson (Picture: ), Savannah Samson (Picture: ), Tawny Roberts (Picture: ) among others, get together to share their sexual secrets and lovemaking techniques, on and off camera.

Big things come from Texas, such as Sunrise, especially those two big things that she loves to expose in her explicit movies. But there's a soft side to Sunrise, as the tattoo "Fragile" beneath her hairline on her neck reveals. Thankfully when she talks to Mr. Skin she kept the conversation (and crotches) hard.

An avid hunter and fisher and former high school football player, when Sunrise isn't making some guy rise she can be found watching professional wrestling on TV. She even has a deal to be in Back Yard Wrestling 2, the popular video game. This is definitely a girl worth grappling over.

You're porn star Sunset Thomas niece. If you have a daughter are you going to name her High Noon?

No [laughs]. The day that comes that I do by the grace of God have children, I'm going to let them do whatever they want. If being in the business is what they choose then I'm going to support them all the way, at least I know how to point them in the right direction and tell them the pros and cons of what to do. They're my kids I'll always love them no matter what.

Did Sunset get you into pornography?

My aunt did help me decide to get into the adult industry. She's only 10 years older than me, and when she turned 18 and got into the industry she was always telling me how it was, free love, free expression - whatever. And I was always a horny little child, so it just so happened that it was perfect.

What was the first porno you saw?

I used to watch a lot of porno movies, but one that I can really remember would be Ron Jeremy and he lived on a farm and was dating this very large woman. He had a problem with getting an erection. He was in a barn and about to kill himself - and it's really sick how I can remember this movie in detail. The devil comes and says, "If you sell your soul to me, by one command, you'll be able to get your dick hard whenever you want." He does and throughout the movie the devil takes him to all these different places and he fucks all these different women and all he has to do is say, "Up dick!" Finally, the devil is ready to go, and Ron Jeremy's hell is this beautiful garden full of amazing-looking women. The only problem was none of the women had vaginas.

How old were you?

I was really super young. I just love watching porno. I really didn't have too much of a reaction to it. I mean, I watched it more than I watched cartoons. I was always sneaking into my mom's room and getting them. I was always a very sexually curious kid.

What about the first mainstream sex scene you saw, do you remember that?

You know what's really funny is that growing up my mom and step-dad wouldn't let me watch [dirty mainstream movies], they'd always make me turn my head. But as soon as they would leave the house I was busting out the porno. I wasn't allowed to watch that growing up.

There has to be a Hollywood movie star that you go gaga for.

I used to obsessed with the guy who plays "Ice" [Val Kilmer] from Top Gun. I love him, totally. Angelina Jolie (Picture: ) would be the only chick. She seems erotic enough that I can, you know, probably do some things. She's very sexy.

You have a few tattoos.

I get off weird pain, I guess [laughs]. I'm turned on by touches, I don't know what it is.

What have you done outside of the triple-X world? You were on HBO's The Best Sex Ever.

I was in a lot of those. Vivid opens a lot of doors. The Girl Next Door, one of the Vivid girls was in that

. Are you in it?

I was supposed to be! I was headed there. I'm so from the country, and I get frustrated when I can't find my way. I'm driving up and down this road for an hour at seven o'clock in the morning, screaming: "I don't know where I'm at!" So, I didn't make it there. But I was in Grind, the skateboard movie, but of course they cut my scene.

What'd they cut?

Right before they walk into the club there's supposed to be a distraction so that they can get in. And the was me, I was the distraction outside the club. They guys are like, "Oh, my God, is that Sunrise Adams, the Vivid girl?" I was trying to be, pretty much, a drunk, belligerent idiot.

Any aspirations to break into mainstream?

I'd love to. I just finished shooting a horror film.

What's it called?

I can't think of the name right now, but my best friend has a split personality and I wind up getting killed twice in this movie.

Wait, how can that be?

Once in her mind and once in real life. The whole movie is about this girl and you think she's going to someplace to get rid of all these personalities. It's a hospital filled with all these different people doing the same experiment and her ex-boyfriend who comes back from the dead kills all of them. In reality, all these other people are her split personalities. You don't know this until the end.

Well, everyone knows it now. Is this the beginning of your new career as a Scream Queen?

It's fun if they give me easy parts. There's a reason why I picked porn and that's because I only do things that I'm good at [laughs]. I feel if they give me the part, here's a perfect role for you, fine. But if I actually have to go try out with people reading scripts, I don't really think I'm going to get it [laughs].

You have realistic expectations, but as a Scream Queen all you have to do is look good, and you got that covered, and scream. I'm sure you can do that.

Actually, I can't. I have a problem with screaming. I can't do it. It's something inside in. I can yell, but I can't scream.

You're going to need an acting coach to work on that.

I did get an acting coach, but for some reason I just can't do it. They were like, "Just relax and do it." And I was like, I can't. I would try and I just couldn't.

That's interesting, you have a mental block about screaming, but obviously you're not inhibited about other things. Let's talk about the book.

Oh, I love the book! It went through so many different writers and none of us really knew what one another said or how it was going to piece together, but I actually have the book in front of me. How To Have a XXX-Rated Sex Life from the Vivid girls. I was reading it and it's amazing because it's geared towards couples. Having a new relationship or an old relationship and reading this book will help you in so many ways. Not only are you getting straight advice from all the Vivid girls on how to please the female in your life or the male in your life. There are also little stories and these are really hot. You can act them out yourself. It gives you a lot of insight on how we feel, what happened to us and how we deal with different situations to really help you out.

Ever think you'd be an author?

I never thought that.

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