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Sue Morrow, brunette, hot, good-sized boobs with puffy tips. Those are the relevant basics. And Mr. Skin knows all this based on her one and only credit. Well, technically four credits? Or is it two? Let Mr. Skin explain… See, the fine folks at Playboy had an idea for a cable-TV movie, a sexy comedy romp about three friends who inherit a yacht, but have to make one final payment before they can take ownership from an evil loan-shark type dude who wants to keep the boat. Hijinks ensue, with the trio of honeys—of which Sue is the gorgeous Ashley character—doing everything from sexy car washes to strip poker and beyond to earn the money. The original version of this caper was done in four parts, like a mini-series, and was shown over the course of four months. When it came time to release the caper on good old VHS tapes, the four segments were re-edited into two movies, with some racier scenes cut to make each one R-rated. The two movies were dubbed Soft Touch and Soft Touch II. But, there also exists a four-tape VHS version with all the original scenes intact, under Birds in Paradise 1, 2, 3, 4. So. You can see where the confusion lies for Mr. Skin in trying to figure out just how many credits Sue Morrow has on her resume. All that aside, her one role as Ashley has enough of the delectable dish bared and beautiful to create a feast for the eyes. Yum!