Cleavage Is Always A Silver Lining

In life, every day can’t be the best day ever. We all can’t be winners. Sometimes we just aren’t going to hit the mark. But you take the good and you take the bad, you take them both and then you have Sophie Turner in a not-so-awesome dress with some really awesome cleavage.  

I know that the dress probably cost a lot of money, but the black with stripes of color and “VUITTON” written on it, I hate to say this, but… it makes me think of Nascar. And I hate thinking about Nascar (no offense to all those who love car racing out there, it just was never my thing). I feel like there should be some announcer saying “Sophie Turner’s cleavage is brought you by Vuitton. You want a fancy purse? Make sure it’s Vuitton!” Also, I don’t know what Vuitton’s slogan is. Still, Sophie Turner is rocking some pretty awesome cleavage. It’s almost as if this dress was made just for her, to make her cleavage look better than it ever has before. Plus, she’s showing off a fair amount of leg in this dress. Sophie Turner’s legs aren’t bad either.  

Since we can’t always hit perfect, we should look for the silver lining in everything. So, the Sophie Turner’s dress isn’t awesome, that’s okay. Her cleavage is fantastic and that makes up for any downside.