Each Tuesday, be sure to check in with Mr. Skin to get the complete skinny right here on the hottest DVD releases. Here is the randy round-up for the week of October 28, 2008.

STUDIO: Universal
NUDES: Karen Allen (butt) (Picture-1), Lisa Baur (left breast) (Picture-1), Sarah Holcomb (breasts) (Picture-1), Mary Louise Weller (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: It's the three R’s of collegiate life: raunch, retching, and 'rections. They're all present and accounted for in this uproarious TA masterpiece that made all the world a wild toga party. The drunken perverts of Animal House put high, hard fun in higher education as they wage war on so-called decency, repressed homoerotic frat houses, and a disciplinarian dean. Among the road trips and six-packs are lots of fleshy two-packs, a nice fanny flash from Karen Allen, and more gross-out good humor than you can shake your meat to.

NUDE: Alyson Best (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Robert Powell plays Gregory Wolfe, a magician and psychic who becomes a Rasputin-esque advisor to a powerful senator (David Hemmings) in Dark Forces. After curing his son (Mark Spain) of leukemia, Wolfe makes his way into Senator Rast’s inner circle and starts exerting his corrosive influence, leading to a magic-versus-gun showdown in the senator’s home. Along the way, Alyson Best gets topless. You’re the breast, Ms. Best!

STUDIO: Dokument Films
NUDES: Natalia Avelon (FFN, butt) (Picture-1), Uschi Obermaier (FFN) (Picture-), Scarlett Schwarze (FFN, butt) (Picture-1), Heike Warmuth (breasts, butt, bush) (Picture-1), uncredited actresses
THE SKINNY: Uschi Obermaier was an icon of the 1968 hippie movement in Germany, which means she was a groupie, which means she allowed her movements to be groped by any number of hairy horndogs. Ah, those were the times. Brunette stunner Natalia Avelon plays Uschi, who at the tender age of sixteen gives up a career as a photo lab tech to become the It Girl of the groovy Munich club scene. She lives in a commune, but the other members don't feel she's political enough. Uschi just wants to have fun, making her nearly two decades ahead of her time. Eight Miles High!, a musical comedy, captures those heady times and much more, even giving the real Uschi a couple of nude scenes for old time's sake.

STUDIO: Magnolia
NUDES: Aniela Kurylo (breasts, butt) (Picture-1), Talia Russo (breasts, butt, bush) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: The twisted comedy Hank and Mike stars Thomas Michael and Paolo Mancini as the titular pair of laid-off Easter Bunnies. Although Hank is a Hell-raising womanizer and Mike is an anxiety-ridden introvert, the two have to overcome their differences to deal with the consequences of their unemployment. Aniela Kurylo shows TA as one of Hank’s one-night stands, and Talia Russo bares all three B’s as an artist’s nude model. That will make you yank your spike!

HELL RIDE (2008)
STUDIO: Dimension Films
NUDES: Cassandra Hepburn (FFN, butt) (Picture-1), Julia Jones (FFN) (Picture-1), uncredited actresses
THE SKINNY: Larry Bishop, star of Angel Unchained (1970) and Chrome and Hot Leather (1971), wrote, directed, and starred in the biker-flick homage Hell Ride, executive produced by Quentin Tarantino. Bishop plays Pistolero, President of the Victors, who’s hunting down the rival bikers who killed his old lady. The movie features cameos from Dennis Hopper and David Carradine and some good skin from a fully frontal Julia Jones and a totally nude Cassandra Hepburn. Hell yeah!

STUDIO: Redemption
NUDES: Rosemary Dexter (breasts), Claudia Gravy (breasts), Sylva Koscina (right breast), Rosalba Neri (breasts) (Picture-1), Romina Power (breasts, butt) (Picture-1), Maria Rohm (breasts, bush)
THE SKINNY: Marquis de Sade: Justine is directed by cult-kook Jesus Franco, stars Klaus Kinski as the man behind SM, and features a notorious drunken performance by Jack Palance. Based on the novel of a nave girl's descent into the joys of masochism, Tyrone Power's daughter Romina Power is smackingly hot in the lead. You'll be smacking, too, when she flashes her nubile boobiles and seat bunnies. Maria Rohm exposes her jugs and even a brief pubic flash while drowning Rosemary Dexter. Sylva Koscina bathes with stubborn rose petals that (almost) obscure her buds. And Rosalba Neri sports the latest fetish gear (a breast-free robe) while suspended in irons. If this is what Sade meant by inflicting pain, then bring it on!

STUDIO: Synapse-Films
NUDES: Carole-Ann Aylett (breasts) (Picture-1), Helen Hemingway (breasts) (Picture-1)
THE SKINNY: Every good serial killer needs a gimmick. Jason has the hockey mask, Freddy has the razored glove, and Patrick has . . . well, a hospital bed. Yep, this Aussie thriller features the scariest psycho to ever terrorize a town while in a coma. He starts out as a normal kid who electrocutes his mother after he catches her in the tub with her lover. But a few years later, Patrick is a catatonic mess who uses his psychic powers to cause all kinds of mayhem. And you can’t blame him for showing off, since he’s got a crush on cute nurse Susan Penhaligon.