Although its stars -- Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Lee -- had performed nude scenes in the past, the over-the-top(less) obsessive roommate flick Single White Female elevated each lovely lady to a new level of sexy stardom.

The movie opened in theaters on this date in 1992.

SWF also created a template for countless erotic thrillers to come, and still remains one of the very best and hottest examples of the genre.

Bridget portrays a glamorous Manhattan apartment dweller who places an ad looking for another of her own kind -- a Single White Female -- to share the sizable dwelling.

Jennifer shows up and seems perfect. And everything is, until Jen cuts her hair, physically transforms herself into looking as much like her roomie as possible, and then sleeps with Bridget's boyfriend (and subsequently kills him via high-heel-to-the-eye).

Suspense builds to a scorching catfight blowout, and there's plenty of bare body exposure from both babes along the way.

Aside from being a huge box office hit, Single White Female laid out a basic plot that was copied by innumerable late-night cable and direct-to-video softcore fare such as Allyson Is Watching, The Ex and Sexual Predator.

There's even a sequel, with one of the most charmingly direct subtitles ever concocted for a low-budget follow-up: Single White Female 2: The Psycho.