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Sara Venable started her career in 1974 with the leading role in the sort-of-a-horror-flick Two. Unfortunately, the little-seen picture didn’t do much to further her career and she stayed just below the Skintertainment radar for a few years until George Romero decided to cast her in his 1977 cult-classic Martin. No, the movie isn’t about a witty stand-up comedian and his life in New York… It’s about some demented kid who “thinks” he’s a vampire and thus goes around killing people with a razor blade, never mind that he doesn’t have fangs. (Yes, it’s weird…) Sara’s time on screen amounts to little more than a few seconds but for the entirety of that span, she’s seen in all her full-frontal glory. Unfortunately, her career has been on extended hiatus since then, so it seems unlikely that we’ll ever get another look at that monster muff… Once is better than never though, right?


Martin (1978) - as Housewife

Nude, breasts, butt 00:45:00 Sarah's shag session is interrupted when young, disturbed Martin barges into her room, causing her to jump up and put on a robe, showing her butt and boobs in the process.
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