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Sabrina Ferilli is known in her native Italy as a communist, but her career as an actress gets high Marx for her skin exposure. She started her career with a bit part in the made-for-Italian-TV movie Portami la luna (1986). Since then, she has gone on to become one of Italy's most beloved female celebrities, largely due to her stellar acting career as well as her stint as the spokesperson for Spaghetti brand products. It doesn't hurt that Sabrina has spent quite a bit of time in the nude in her many movies--no, it feels real good. She made her first (and arguably best) skinful performance in the film Die Falle (1995), which featured several lingering looks at her massive mammaries as well as some nice muff shots. She has since gone on to appear in some state of undress in Diario di un vizio (1993), Anche i commercialisti hanno un'anima (1994), Ferie d'agosto (1996), and Le Giraffe (2000). This Sabrina is certainly bewitching.

The Great Beauty Nude - as Ramona
Nude, breasts, butt Sabrina shows some shadowy and sexy T&A while strutting her dance moves. (47 secs)
Nude, breasts Check out some brief breasts from Sabrina as she rolls over. (11 secs)
Le giraffe Nude - as Michela
Nude, butt, bush 00:32:00 Sabrina's sporting a skimpy slip in this scene. It makes for a nice gander at her ass and a possible peek at her pubes... (41 secs)
Nude, butt, bush 00:48:00 Yet more skimpy slip and partial peeks at Sabrina's pubies... (48 secs)
Ferie d'agosto Nude - as Marisa
Nude, breasts 01:17:00 Very brief (and dark) side nude shot as Sabrina's getting banged on the beach at night. (26 secs)
Vite strozzate Nude - as Miriam
Nude, breasts 01:19:00 A bald baddie breaks in to Sabrina's home and assaults her . . . nice heaving bazoombas popping out of her bra and sexy panties! (1 min 20 secs)
Die Falle Nude - as Mariangela
Nude, breasts, butt, bush 00:22:00 Brief buns and partial tittage followed by full frontal nudity: all visible when Sabrina strips to go skinny dipping in the sea. That's my kind of fish! (33 secs)
Nude, breasts, bush 00:43:00 Familiarity breeds. . .happiness! Still photos of the previous nude swimming scene are shown, and we get another quick but titillating view of Sab's fab babooms and shrub. (16 secs)
Anche i commercialisti hanno un'anima Nude - as Sonia
Nude, breasts 01:37:00 Sabrina divulges the top halves of her hefty ta-tas as she takes a shower. (19 secs)
La bella vita Nude - as Mirella
Nude, breasts 00:23:00 Ah, the gratuitous "changing a shirt" shot. Completely unnecessary, but fully boobalicious. (21 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:28:00 Yee-haw! Sabrina's man saddles up to her right-side saddlebag and they boff against a wall. Ride 'er, cowboy! (36 secs)
Nude, breasts 01:23:00 Damn the night! Why does it have to be so . . . dark? Sabrina gets boffed in bed, and we catch murky glimpses of her chest-pillows. (24 secs)
Diario di un vizio Nude - as Luigia
Nude, butt 00:33:00 Sabrina shows her succulent squatter as she walks nude toward a dude. No Double! (It's her because a mole on her back gives it away.) (12 secs)
Nude, breasts, butt, bush 01:18:00 Buns, breasts (NO NIP) and just a hint of the lap-lint as she throws herself on some lucky fat bastard. Yum! Yum! (32 secs)
Americano rosso Nude - as Zaira
Nude, breasts 00:41:00 Sabrina unleashes her massive skinsacks while lounging by the lake...now if only she'd move her hands away! (30 secs)
Valentina Nude - as NA
Nude, butt 01:27:00 Sabrina gives a guy's earlobe a tongue-lashing while wearing a sexy gold corset, then hikes up her skirt to brandish her beautiful beam. (1 min 6 secs)
Caramelle da uno sconosciuto Nude - as NA
Nude, bush 00:31:00 Sabrina (in the red drawers) and her fellow Very Sexy Ladies of the Night flash their lingerie-clad forms out in the street. Lucky for us, Sabrina's bush is so bountiful that it springs forth from the sides of her panties, for all to gaze upon in awe. (1 min 2 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:53:00 See each of Ferilli's funbaggers in turn as she flashes a fella in a car, then exits to blow. Blow a whistle, that is; keep yer pants on. (29 secs)

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