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Rosanna Ortiz

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Brief Nudity

Keywords: Brief Nudity, Asian, Black Hair, Medium Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Manila, PH

AKA: Violeta Orbita

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Rosanna Ortiz is an inveterate tease! This Filipino beauty has acted in 136 projects and has never shown her skintimates on screen. She began her career in the film Tigre gitano (tr. Gypsy Tiger) (1968) and followed that up with Deadly Jacks (1968). In 1969 she appeared in a dozen flicks, including Jack of Hearts, The Samurai Fighters, Karate Showdown, Wild Wild Pussycat, and the horror-comedy Drakulita. Rosanna entered the '70s at a pace even more furious than in the previous decade. She scored 21 credits in 1970; 28 in 1971; and nine in 1972. They include the films Agents Silencer at Ang Pitong Brassieres (1970), When Good Girls Go Wrong (1971), and Anthony at Cleopatra (1972). From there, ravishing Rosanna landed memorable roles in Savage! (1973) and Savage Sisters (1974) before securing a leading part in 1975's Darna vs. the Planet Women. Although she only acted consistently for another few years, given that she switched focus from showbusiness to regular business, Rosanna returned for the features Task Force King Fisher Beloy Montemayor (1982) and Sobra na, tama na, asiong aksaya (tr. That's Too Much, That's Enough, Waste) (1986) and the Spanish short film Decir adiós (tr. Say Goodbye) (2007). The closest this bulbously-breasted lady got to nudity was in the aforementioned Savage Sisters. In it, she wears a kimono improperly so that we're able to glance at her glorious globes. If that robe were opened a couple inches wider Rosanna's skinematography would not be a goose egg. What a shame!