carmen electra 2

Compared to the thong-thrusting action of 20-Minute Workout or the cleavage-crushing commotion caused by Traci Lords' sports bra, Carmen Electra plays it mighty safe when it comes to her Aerobic Striptease workout videos. Even for a stripper that doesn't strip, she's wearing a lot of clothes. But hey, barring some sort of miracle this is the closest you're ever going to get to a lap dance from Carmen Electra, and isn't that worth the price of admission right there?

Carmen's line of deceptively named workout videos is vast, skincluding Aerobic Striptease, Fit To Strip, Advanced Aerobic Striptease, The Lap Dance Hip Hop, and Mr. Skin's favorite, Aerobic Striptease: In the Bedroom. Carmen kindly gives the guys in the audience an assist by moving the hip-swaying, leg-stroking action into the friendly confines of the bedroom. From a tastefully appointed (for Vegas, anyway) hotel suite, she instructs the ladies in the audience how to seduce their partner with a little of the ol' bump, grind and stick your butt in the air like a horny dog:

carmen electra 4

carmen electra 3

Ok, gentlemen, we've got the bed. We've got the stripper heels. We've got the booty in the air. All this "workout" needs to become prime masturbation inspiration is for you to peel the clothes off Carmen with your mind. Here's some reference material:

carmen boobs 1

carmen boobs 2

Good luck, and godspeed.

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