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Nude Scenes From Ingmar Bergman's Films

Is it a coincidence that one of the greatest filmmakers of all time is also known for his frank depictions of nudity? We think not! Lots of critics and historians credit the groundbreaking work of Ingmar Bergman for Sweden’s reputation of liberal sexual openness as early as the 1950s, and we couldn’t agree more, especially after putting together this provocative playlist of the Swedish cinema legend’s best nude scenes, starting with Harriet Andersson’s controversial can running into the ocean in Summer with Monika. Liv Ullman’s got no Shame as she bares her breasts in the black-and-white drama, while Ingrid Thulin goes from topless in The Silence to full frontal and backal in Cries and Whispers. Also flashing boobs and buns in The Silence is the gorgeous Gunnel Lindblom, plus pretty Pernilla August shows her Swedish meatballs under her open nightgown in Fanny and Alexander, and Lena Endre delivers fantastic full frontal in Faithless. You’ll want to give these luscious ladies a seventh feel!

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