When Bernardo Bertolucci directed French tart Eva Green in her nude debut, the scintillating, skin-filled shocker The Dreamers (2003), he said, "She is so beautiful it's indecent." Beautiful and indecent are, in fact, the two words Mr. Skin would ascribe to this gorgeous Gallic gal with the plump rump, 100% natural, enormous breasts, and lap-rug so furry it puts most woodland animals to shame.

But since her horny, near-porny debut, Eva's kept her killer body under wraps--in Casino Royale, The Golden Compass, and every other one of her subsequent films.

Finally, the Skin team was able to locate a copy of the Brit drama Cracks (2009), and today, members can see Ms. Green's naked left pink-nipped knocker in a skinny dip scene from the flick. As an added bonus, (non-nude) Juno Temple joins her, so you can whet your appetite for her upcoming Kaboom nude debut.

Check out the brand new clips and pics from Cracks here and drop us a comment and let us know: is Eva Green the hottest babe to ever come out of France?