Legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman once said that nudity is "the world's cheapest special effect." Mr. Skin agrees, but with one little addition: it's also the most effective.

So join us after the jump as we rub down six upcoming summer flicks that forgo explosions and CGI wizardry in favor of much cheaper- and more exciting- thrills. (Ok, some of them also have explosions and CGI):

If Piranha 3DD doesn't have boobs in it when it hits theaters on June 1, Mr. Skin will eat his shoe. (We can safely make that bet on his behalf, by the way, because the red band trailer has boobs in it.)

Then on June 15, the number of laughs in the new Adam Sandler movie That's My Boy may be up for debate, but the number of boobs are not: our Skin Skout saw a sneak preview and reports two topless strippers, as well as a BBW who shows off her DDDs after Andy Samberg crashes his bike into her car.

On June 29, the highly SKINticipated Take This Waltz hits theaters, finally giving guys the chance to see Sarah Silverman's full-frontal nude scene blown up 30 feet tall. Of course, the rest of the movie appears to be a pretty standard "chick flick", so maybe it's best to wait for the screen caps on Mr. Skin.

Savages hits theaters on July 6 starring Blake Lively and Salma Hayek, and while we haven't received confirmation yet, its R rating for "some graphic sexuality and nudity" has our skin sense all a-tingle. Please show Blake Lively topless, please show Blake Lively topless...

Then on July 27, it's a sure bet for skin as the Juno Temple/Gina Gershon flick Killer Joe hits theaters. Our Skin Skout has confirmed that both Juno and Gina go nude in this sick and twisted crime story, including one fake fellatio scene so intense, the movie was slapped with an NC-17. (Killer Joe doesn't have an official trailer yet, but you can learn a lot about it from this clip with Matthew McConaughey.)

And finally, the Total Recall remake comes out on August 3. Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel co-star alongside Colin Farrell, but if you're anything like Skin Central, you only have one question: will the three-boobed hooker return for the remake? Breaking news from Cinema-Con confirms that yes. Yes she does. That'll start the reactor...in your pants!

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