Mr. Skin's Blu-Ray Ninja takes his job very seriously. He's always hanging from the ceiling with his nunchucks made from remotes and cable wire, throwing ninja stars at a huge blown-up poster of Sharon Stone's snatch.

Lately the Ninja has been on something of a camel-toe streak, but this week he finally broke it with the help of Katrin Cartlidge in Mike Leigh's Naked (1993). Despite the titillating title, this epic bummer-fest starts with the protagonist attacking a woman in a dirty Manchester alley and only gets bleaker from there. But like the sun emerging from between the clouds, the Blu-ray of Naked revealed some fine, furry caged monkey between Katrin's legs in a previously non-nude shot. It's a dark scene, but in the closeup, you can even see some of the lil' guys hanging from her underwear- kind of like a ninja, suspended from the rafters.

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