Throughout the Month of October, Count Down the Sexiest Nude Horror Movie Hotties of All Time!

Number 7:Debbie Rochon

Debbie Rochon is brainy and witty and, needless to say, gorgeous beyond what a human should be capable of, and she stands as one of Mr Skin’s very most favorite performers of all time, regardless of her place in the pantheon of Scream Queens.

But, of course, Debbie Rochon is also one of the most skin-portant Scream Queens to ever open her mouth and let loose.

Just consider Debbie’s resume of 21 naked film and TV appearances which includes shriek-fests such as Santa Claws, Sandy Hook Lingerie Massacre, Terror Firmer, Witchbabe, Bleed, American Nightmare, Final Examination, Blood Relic, Rapturious, and Fearmakers.

From her glandmark lesbian scene with Jane Jensen in Tromeo and Juliet to her constant work in skinventive B-movies like Tales from the Crapper and Apocalypse and the Beauty Queen to her overall good humor and savvy sense of fun, Debbie Rochon has proven to be a Scream Queen very, very close to Mr Skin’s heart among other, even more vital organs.

Be sure to visit her at and listen to her on Fangoria Radio with Dee Snider.