As We Count Down to the 81st Annual Academy Awards on February 22nd, Mr Skin Pays Tribute to the Twenty Actresses Who Took Home Oscar Gold for Films in Which They Flashed Flesh

Generally, French actresses can be counted on to flaunt their flesh. No less than 21 French filles have made it into Mr Skin's Hall of Fame, one of them being the lovely Juliette Binoche. One of the nude scenes that helped earn her that honorThe English Patientalso brought her a shining gold statue for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Jules's only other Oscar nominationfor Best Actress in a Leading Role this timecame thanks to Chocolat, a completely skin-free role. Luckily that didn't deter Juliette's peeling, which is still prolific. Thanks for consistently putting a trophy in Mr Skin's lap, Juliette!