As summer rolls into its second month at the movies, the multiplex continues to deprive us of that sweet, sweet nudity we love so much. Thank goodness for the art house, where you can catch the Dutch film Borgman this weekend, which features no fewer than three nude scenes from the lovely and amazing Sara Hjort Ditlevsen!
Borgman is described as an adult fairy tale whose "magic is black." Directed by Alex van Warmerdam, who also directed the skinsational The Last Days of Emma Blank, Ober, Grimm, and The Dress, the film is about a mysterious vagrant, played by Jan Bijvoet (star of The Broken Circle Breakdown) who shakes up the lives of a well to-do family in the Dutch countryside. Sara Hjort Ditlevsen plays the nanny to the family's children, and first appears nude in the film while soaking in the bathtub, and we get to see her fantastic flappers floating above the water! Later in the film, she is sitting topless on a bed with a guy as they drink orange soda, and she passes out on the bed with her orbs still out! Finally, she strips down to get it on with that same guy later on, baring her ta-tas and trim in the process! And just in case you were wondering, the carpet does not in fact match the drapes, as we're treated to some shots of her brunette bush! Audiences in the Netherlands have been singing this film's praises since it was released there last November, and now you can head out to the nearest art house cinema and see what all the fuss is about. Just try to keep your baser instincts in check, you don't want to freak out any of the high minded individuals that frequent those establishments. It might permanently scar them! On second though, maybe they do need some shaking up! Proceed with caution!