In a video titled "Emily Bloom Nude City Guide," the sensual model Emily Bloom, who has an angelic face and serious mams, walks around the streets of New York City topless! Well, actually she has on a top of sorts, and it's now officially the only type of athletic gear I want celebs to wear. Honestly, if Kate Hudson's yoga line was a little more like this maybe someone would buy it. Well, men would buy it and give it to their wives and take them to New York City and be like, "Alright, have at it." 

Okay, where the hell was I. In the state of New York it is indeed legal for a woman to go topless. This is the same principle that nudity enthusiast Chelsea Handler tested out in San Francisco. Emily Bloom has no qualms enjoying a nude (typo and it stays, that was supposed to say "nice"), sunny day in the Big Apple with her apples leading the way. Even though New Yorkers are basically in the trenches and see some crazy stuff day to day, even THEY can't help but stop and catch a glimpse of the gorgeous Emily Bloom as she walks around, goes for a carriage ride, grabs a bite to eat, and more. Check out the video that will make you want to head to the city where creams are made of! 

 Via YouTube