See Milla Spill a Boob

Since her boob-baring appearance in Return to the Blue Lagoon, Ukrainian babe Milla Jovovich has given audiences a lot to wank about.

She’s shows off her rack in movies like No Good Deed (2002), Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004), and .45 (2006), where she also had topless lesbian makeouts with Sarah Strange and Talk Soup hostess Aisha Tyler.

Now in the March 2009 issue of Interview magazine, the venerable oversized publication founded by Andy Warhol 40 years ago, Milla has done it again, showing off between 45 and 65% of her right nipple in a topless photo shoot.

While the meaty pointiness that her nipples display in No Good Deed is hidden by her unfortunate arm placement, the dark brown color of her areolae are apparent even in the photo’s stark black and white.

Milla, you’r a thrill-a-minute!