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Bond, Michelle Bond. Although, really, this hot human has more in common with the girls 007 entertains than the agent himself. The German-born babe can be seen in some amount of graphic detail in the hardcore video Schulmädchen-Report 2000: Feuchte Mösen nach Schulschluß (2001), aka Schoolgirl Report 2000: Wet Cunts After School Ends. It’s kind of a modern-day continuation of the X-rated Schoolgirl Report series of mockumentaries that were popular in Germany back in the ‘70s, which got away with so much nudity and sexual situations by pretending to be cautionary tales to young women by showing adults what kind of mischief of which they were capable. Schoolgirl Report 2000 with Michelle follows suit, showing exactly how young ladies masturbate, use dildos on each other, and how to properly groom your kitty. She next appeared as a naked victim in the horror porn Rossa Venezia (2003), which sounds Italian, and was indeed filmed in Castaletto, Piedmont, Italy, but is really a German production that was shot with German dialogue. The movie appears to have a cast of thousands (in actuality, more like 25), and includes appearances from well-known sexploitation stars like Lina Romay, Peggy Sue, and even Jesús Franco, who was credited as Jess for this one. Michelle once again gets the dildo treatment with graphic close-ups, although this time it’s a little less fun-in-college and a little more evil in nature. Sadly, there are no more credits to report, although given her generic name and the depths of German porn, there may be undiscovered titles out there. This seems like a job for a good spy…know any?