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Mary (2005)

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Abel Ferrara's Mary (2005) is a religious cinematic experience—it's got Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and the heavenly Juliette Binoche! Actually, Juliette herself is the mysterious Miss Magdalene; she's an actress who's gone to Jerusalem to keep up the faith and continue the journey inspired by her role as Mary M. in a controversial film. Egotistical-in-the-extreme Matthew Modine is that film's director and star (naturally, he couldn't see anyone else as Jesus), and he's grappling with a few religious issues of his own. In New York City, Forrest Whitaker is also up to spiritual business—he's a TV newsman who's been investigating the True Hollywood Story of Jesus, and when the show rakes in the ratings, he and his wife have some faithy strife to sift through. Meanwhile, Marion Cotillard bares her hot cross buns!