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Marianne O. Ulrichsen’s career in the Skinema has unfortunately been spent more often behind the camera than in front of it. In 1995, the lovely Norwegian lass helmed her first film, Kom. Fortunately, notable Nordic director Erik Skjoldbjærg tapped Marianne to work as his Second Unit Director on his surprise hit Insomnia in 1997. (Yeah buddy. That’s the same flick that was remade in 2001 with Al Pacino and Robin Williams.) Ol’ Erik also happened to notice his comely assistant’s svelte body and subsequently cast her in the role of “Frøya.” The sexy Scandinavian showed off her savory sweater-meat during a sex scene in the film, so be sure to check it out. (We’ve also been told that the plot is quite engaging but considering the aforementioned boob-flash, it’s pretty easy to see why we were distracted, eh?) Although her acting career has fallen by the wayside in favor of directing gigs, we’re hoping this isn’t the last we see of Marianne’s mammoth meatballs...