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Though she has not a single line of dialogue in the movie, Louise Chambers and her lovely lactators are central to the 2008 heist flick The Bank Job. She plays the scandal-ridden Princess Margaret, whose photos of a steamy threesome with a guy and a girl at her Caribbean retreat form the film’s central plot point. The movie's based on the famed British Baker Street Robbery, where a bunch of hoods tunneled into a bank vault which supposedly contained an image of Princess Margaret getting her tunnel drilled by actor John Bindon in one of its safety deposit boxes. In the movie, it's the government that hires the robbers to retrieve the salacious pictures, but in real life the existence of the photos is hugely disputed, with most believing the story to be nothing but an urban legend. The British press has often rumored that Princess Margaret had a wild sex life though, opening her royal chambers (and legs) to Mick Jagger and Peter Sellers, and even indulging in a two-year lesbo lickfest with prominent American socialite Sharman Douglas. If you want to see Louise's version of events, have a look at the movie's scene reenacting the Caribbean canoodling where those snapshots got taken. You can see Louise's double chambers commencing in some royal jiggling while she has a threesome. It's a shame she leaves the window open for a creeper to take a picture, or the whole bank mess could have been avoided. It's more of a shame that Louise hasn't acted since. Oh well, Louise Chambers is firmly in our spank bank as we make a mess in our pants!