No Matter How You Phrase It, Lily Collins Is Hot

Whenever I hear someone use the phrase “dark haired beauty,” my mind tends to wander to someone with jet-black hair who looks kind of mysterious, enjoys all things bleak in the world, and probably owns a lot of candles. But really, that’s not the case because Lily Collins is a dark haired beauty and there is nothing disheartening about her at all.  

She’s just beautiful. There really is no way around it, no other way to describe Lily Collins than with the world beautiful. Though I guess one could say Lily Collins is a super hot knock out girl I want to marry; that’s probably also acceptable. Part of the reason she’s so beautiful is her dark hair—the other part being her incredibly sexy body—Lily Collins is totally changing the way I think about the phrase “dark haired beauty.” And it’s not a bad thing. Who wouldn’t want to think about Lily Collins more? In fact, I might go around randomly saying “dark haired beauty” just so I can picture Lily Collins in that white one piece showing off a little bit of her wonderful rear end.  

It would seem the only mystery about Lily Collins is how in the world did someone become this beautiful? That my friends is a question we don’t need to figure out, we can just enjoy the results.