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Framed (2017) Sexy, underwear
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Casanova is synonymous with a suave, charming lover. It usually refers to a Loverboy, but in this instance, we want to talk about a true female Casanova. Lidia Casanova, that is. The lovely Lidia Casanova has natural dark locks, luscious lips, smooth milky skin, and dark eyes that light up a room. She's gorgeous and she's only just getting started. She began her career in 2014 with roles in the short films Countdown and Mascaras. She also starred in a documentary short as Claudia Auditionee in Bristol (2020). Her feature film debut came in the 2017 film Framed as Sara. This is a horror film about friends who are attacked by strangers who want to inflict torture on them to film and stream it for viral fame. As sexy Sara, she manages to get down to her topless ta-ta's. Can we frame a picture of those Casanova casabas? Before that, she is sadly tied up in a closet. She's on all-fours with a collar around her neck and a leash tied off-screen. She's got blood on her face and she's clearly dehydrated as her tormentors laugh at her pain. It's not for the faint of heart. Before that, her tormentors make her strip naked and ride a guy. She has sex with him with her jiggling tits out and then bites him in the neck. She covers her body with his blood as people film and stream it. Skingoria alert! However, stream her boobs and you'll cream.