Charlotte Ross's most recent TV role is that of a MILFtastic mom on the FOX megahit Glee, but back in the early 2000s, Charlotte was burning out VCR motors as the skin-flashing Detective Connie McDowell on ABC's gritty cop drama NYPD Blue.

On the deservedly skinfamous 2003 episode "Nude Awakening," Charlotte made history by baring butt and partial boobage on screen. Five years later in January 2008, the FCC announced that they would seek a $1.4 million fine against ABC for the scene, one of the largest TV fines in history.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, but even judges can't deny the power of Charlotte's Grade-A seat-meat. This Tuesday the Second Circuit Court of Appeals threw out the fine because it "turn[ed] on an application of the same context-based indecency test" that the courts found too vague in the case of Cher's uttering of the word "fuck" on the Billboard Music Awards in 2002.

Next up, full frontal nudity on Desperate Housewives.