heigl wutheringThe celebrity gossip world is buzzing about coconut-canned cutie Katherine Heigl, who was visited by cops at her home in Los Angeles!

Seems that the Knocked Up babe and husband Josh Kelley got a little noisy in the private hot tub, and their P.O.'ed neighbors called the 5-0's to break up the bubble party.

The fact that Katherine answered the door in a bikini will definitely have plenty of you considering a career in law enforcement.

The Grey's Anatomy star has shown her great anatomy in a bikini in Wuthering Heights, Knocked Up, and moist notably, along with be-thonged barely legal butt in My Father the Hero. heigl my fatherKatherine's the real hero here. The hero of heinie!

And we've got what the cops didn't see--Heigl's beautiful bare ass. Her naked booty in Prince Valiant and Side Effects is so hot, she'll have police across the world pulling out their nightsticks.

When it comes to bikini and butt scenes, Katherine is guity, your boner!