Small, But Makes A Big Impact

Barely: adverb. 1. Almost nothing 2. Simple or sparse 3. Julieanna Goddard‘s bikini.  

Julieanna Goddard, who is better know by her social media alias “YesJulz,” really knows to find a flattering bikini. One can almost imagine the cost of such a stylish bikini, but when you look at it in terms of fabric per dollar, that ratio would probably boggle the mind. Then again, can you really put a price how amazing Julieanna Goddard looks in this bikini. Sure, it’s a thong and we get to see Julieanna Goddard’s amazing ass. The top probably has no more coverage than two band aids put together, thus giving us fantastic views of cleavage, side boob, and touch of under boob. The more I talk about Julieanna Goddard and this bikini the more I realize that she probably underpaid for it. This bikini just might be priceless. Well, maybe not the bikini, but seeing Julieanna Goddard in the bikini is worth more than anyone can imagine.  

If you are going to wear a barely there bikini, you better be able to pull it off and there is no doubt that Julieanna Goddard can pull it off. It’s almost hard to believe something so small can make such a big impact, but seeing is believing. And believe me, seeing Julieanna Goddard in this bikini is something no one will soon forget.