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The future looks good, at least as prophesized by the Star Trek franchise. The space travelers went from micro-minis on the original starship to the skintight lust-o-tards of the latest installment of the star opera, Enterprise, starring bosomy Jolene Blalock. With a name like Blalock, she's got to be good, and she is, all short Blalocks, super-sized Blaboobs, and sweet Blabutt. Jolene popped out her jo-jugs in the obscure 2001 mini-series Diamond Hunters, providing fans with a few shadowy views of her chest treasures. In February 2004 Jo-nuts north of the border had reason to celebrate when they got a sweet view of the south of Jolene's border. In the version of the Enterprise episode "Harbinger" that aired in Canada, Jolene stripped nude in front of a dude and the camera pulled back to reveal almost all of her right breast, followed by a universe-bendingly hot shot of her ass-teroid. And she continued the nude trend on the big screen in Slow Burn (2005) and Shadow Puppets (2007). Beam me up, Scotty; I need a Kleenex!

Shadow Puppets Nude - as Kate
Nude, butt 01:34:00 Catch a quick whiff of Blalock's buttcrack when she runs in low-riding undies. (23 secs)
Slow Burn Nude - as Nora Timmer
Nude, butt 00:24:00 Those incredible, edible Blalock buns get some exposure when her man smooches her all over. (32 secs)
Nude, butt 00:29:00 Ray Liotta is troubled, somehow, by the sight of another guy kissing the crack of Jolene's juff. (12 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:45:00 See both of Jolene's Enterpriseing pokers in bed, masked, with Liotta. (1 min 27 secs)
Nude, breasts 00:59:00 A fast flash of funbaggage at the end while Jo gets skinteracially plowed. (39 secs)
Diamond Hunters Nude - Body Double - as Ruby Grange
Nude, breasts, butt Body Double? Jolene exits the bed to stand in front of a large window and welcome the day by letting the sunlight reflect off her bared right beaner! (18 secs)
Nude, breasts Body Double? You like watching Blalock mash mouths with a dude? You like looking at flicks of her nips? Well, click and watch, friend. Click and watch. (13 secs)
Star Trek: Enterprise Nude - as Subcommander T'Pol
Nude, breasts, butt Just a hint of upper butt-crack as Jolene gets massaged by a guy in her cabin, followed by awesomely voluptuous Vulcan side-boob when she takes her robe off. Then we see her from the front with her hands packed full of her own intergalactic hooterage. (42 secs)
Nude, breasts Very brief glimpse of right nipple tip in the cesored version aired on US television. (13 secs)
Nude, butt In a scene that aired in Canada, we see the tip of Jolene's right jug and a fast blast of her awesome assteroid as she leans in for some loving with an Earth dude. (6 secs)

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