No One Can Replace Salma, But Eiza Gonzalez Is Pretty Hot

When I first heard that From Dusk Till Dawn was going to be a television series, I’ll admit I wasn’t really thrilled. The first one (and only one in my mind) was quite the enjoyable movie and to be honest, I truly felt no one could replace Salma Hayek as the very sexy and very evil Santanico Pandemonium… but if you were going to pick someone to replace Salma Hayek, then Eiza Gonzalez is a great choice.  

Well, I guess no one can truly replace Salma Hayek, but to play a younger version of her, Eiza Gonzalez is just about the best choice one could make. I do hope that Eiza Gonzalez finds more projects to show off her incredible figure. Granted she could totally keep doing award shows, movie premieres, film festivals, basically anything with a red carpet as well.  

Though, I have to admit there was a touch of disappointment to learn that Eiza Gonzalez wasn’t wearing a partially see-through dress. As I flipped through these pictures I kept hoping there would be one shot of her in which her hair wasn't covering her boob, only to find out there is a large silver glittery circle under that hair. Still Eiza Gonzalez is pretty damn sexy in the dress, nip slip or not. I think I speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to see more Eiza Gonzalez in the future.