Gwyneth Paltrow's Perky Poppers in Two Lovers Have Many Wondering If She Pumped up Her Pontoons

Some of us may have gotten a few early Christmas presents already. A fifteen-dollar check from Grandma. A tin of Christmas cookies from a neighbor. But many are wondering if normally flat-chested Gwyneth Paltrow got a new pair of tits from St. Nick. Page Six weighs in on the size of Gwyn's gumdrops.

SOME fans of Gwyneth Paltrow wonder if her new curves are the result of more than her two hours a day working out with Tracy Anderson, who also trains Madonna. After checking out her cleavage on the cover of Gotham magazine, Gwynophiles are speculating she's had breast augmentation surgery. "She didn't use to have anything up top," said one expert. "Now she does, and they are perky." Paltrow, who's been wearing micro-minis lately to show off her legs, flashes one breast in "Two Lovers," her movie with Joaquin Phoenix opening in February. Says a fan who's seen it: "It's like the boob of a 15-year-old girl." Paltrow's rep didn't return calls.

Until we see Two Lovers for ourselves in February, we at Skin Central are torn on the issue of whether or not Gwyn may have added a little juice to her apples. The last clear view of her breasts was in Sylvia, and her wee widgets were nicely perky, but that was in 2003, before she birthed (and presumably nursed) Apple and Moses. But maybe Gwyneth's perkiness is thanks to a celebrity beauty secret, like the dried dung of a rare African bird, and not a scalpel and silicone. Only Gwyn and her doctors know for sure.

Pic via The Blemish.