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Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Black Hair, Small Breasts, Real Breasts, Average Body

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Hartford, Connecticut, US

Date of Birth: 08/10/52

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If you happen to be a single male who is also a troubled or troubling genius, and you are in the market for a mate, you would be wise to ask stage and screen luminary Diane Venora out on a date. The black-haired, pale-complected beauty has portrayed the wife of messed-up jazz giant Charlie Parker in Bird (1988), the estranged, pill-popping, sexually-active bride of raging copper Al Pacino in Heat (1995), and the soon-to-be widow of megalomaniac painter Pablo Picasso in Surviving Picasso (1996). Perhaps you'd like to savor a look at Diane's goods before sealing the deal? Then slip into something comfortable and delight in Diane's delectable epidermis as it lights up Terminal Choice (1985). If that doesn't do it for you, stare at her on the staircase in Romeo + Juliet (1996) for a slip of left capulet. However, you risk blowing your load into a tissue rather than this vivacious vixen. And if it just so happens that Diane, being a mother and a movie star, doesn't want to date a self-proclaimed genius who reads more Mr. Skin than Mr. Tolstoy, you'll need to settle for a pixelated and pent-up Diane in more recent fare like Looking for an Echo (2000), Heartbreak Hospital (2002), Breaking Dawn (2004), Self Medicated (2005), Childless (2008), and All Good Things (2010). All good things must come to an end, and it seems like that's the case for Diane's on-screen exhibitionism. But there's a better chance of Diane returning to skinema than there is of her hooking up with a Mr. Skinhead.