It's The Fifty Shades Of Grey Side Effect

If it was any other person besides Dakota Johnson in this simple, ordinary, white one-piece bathing suit none of us would probably even notice. Yet, when Dakota Johnson is rocking it, this simple, ordinary, white one-piece bathing suit is sexy as hell.

This is a side effect of being the star of Fifty Shades of Grey (2015)and Fifty Shades Darker (2017); pretty much anything you do from now will cause every single person on the planet to think of you in that moment. I know my brain is going full speed right now remembering all the great Dakota Johnson nudity filled scenes in those movies. And there is another onestill to come which will no doubt have even more Dakota Johnson nude scenes. It wouldn’t matter what Dakota Johnson was wearing on her vacation, it would be super freaking sexy. Though, you have to wonder if wearing clothes feels odd to her now. Maybe being fully dressed is her favorite part of a vacation.

Just try to picture Dakota Johnson in an outfit, even the most boring outfit you can think of and tell me you don’t all of a sudden find it sexy. Forever being fifty shades of sexy is Dakota Johnson’s curse and our reward. Yeah, that fifty shades of sexy joke was kind of cheesy, but in my defense Dakota Johnson is kind of hot. Also, is her friend topless? I think her friend is topless.