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Brooke Shields In A Bikini Will Fill You With A Warm, Comfortable Feeling

What do soup and a grilled cheese on a cold day and Brooke Shields in a bikini have in common? Yes, they are both hot items, but that’s not it. Brooke Shields in a bikini and the wonderful combination of soup and grilled cheese on a cold day both never get old.  

It doesn’t matter if you’ve know who Brooke Shield is from way back in the day or you just stumbled upon her yesterday, she is and always will be sexy as hell in a bikini. It doesn’t matter if you are staring at her cleavage and pokies or you can’t look away from her fantastic rear end, when Brooke Shields is wearing a bikini each and every one of us is filled with that warm, comfortable feeling. I guess you could say that Brooke Shields in a bikini and soup and grilled cheese also makes us feel the same on the inside… to a point. Come on, soup is great, but it’s not Brooke Shields in a bikini. There are a couple of feelings that soup doesn’t give any of us.  

Just imagine if some soup company put Brooke Shields in a bikini on their cans? Talk about some hot soup. Though, they’d probably never do that because one wouldn’t need to eat the soup to warm up, they could just look at the cans (pun intended).