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Mr. Skin loves to see a name that oozes with skin-tastic flavor. The kind of name that immediately conjures up images of boobs, booty, and bush in all manner of debauchery. It's hard to know whether or not blond babe Brooke Peaches is a stripper in real life, but her topless performance in the 2008 action flick Among Dead Men is a pretty convincing depiction of a woman taking off her top and showing off her inflatable funbaggage. The fact that she doesn't have any other acting credits to her name is another hint that Brooke might work the pole for a living. Or she may drive a garbage truck or work in a dinner theater. Who cares? She's topless! There's no question that Brooke's chest baggage is enough to keep a man's hands busy for a good long while, the real question is why a specimen like this would simply drop off the radar immediately after showing such skin-ful potential. It's a difficult thing to ponder, but Mr. Skin always tries to keep himself optimistic in the face of adversity. In the case of Ms. Peaches, the adversity refers to the sad realization that we'll likely never see her perfectly perky nips and taut booty ever again. Before you start crying yourself to sleep every night, keep in mind that Skin Central will continue to search through every crevice of the internet for more hidden gems from Brooke. You never know when a little pearl will be discovered that will make you want to shoot your own pearls at Peaches' peaches!