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Charlotte McKinney

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Keywords: Brief Nudity, White, Blonde Hair, Large Breasts, Real Breasts, Skinny Body, Model

Nude Roles: 1

Birthplace: Orlando, Florida, US

Date of Birth: 08/06/91

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Busty blonde beauty Charlotte McKinney is a model and actress whose career skyrocketed thanks to some major league exposure during the 2015 Super Bowl! Before that, she appeared in a number of short films and music videos like The Diary of Tommy Crisp (2007), Thresholds (2010), and Most Expensivest Shit (2014), as well as a one-off role on a 2006 episode of Doctors. However, she was mostly known for modeling, which is not surprising when you look at her spectacular body. The entire country got to do that on February 1, 2015 when she appeared semi-nude in a Carl's Jr. commercial titled Au Naturel. Walking nude through a farmer's market with her parts obscured by fruit, Charlotte turns more than a few heads (try 114.4 million), though the wide shot reveals that she's wearing a bikini. Trickery be damned, there was no fooling us about how spectacular Charlotte really is! Afterwards, opportunities opened up for Charlotte like her shirt has done on so many occasions. Her mirackulous cleavage was captured in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser (2015), the DNCE music video Body Moves (2016), the TV series A Girl Is a Gun, and the Pauly Shore comedy Guest House (2020). Despite all her almost-nude scenes, she hasn't shown her most intimate skin on screen. The closest she's come was in Charlotte McKinney The Hundreds Magazine Photo Shoot (2015), a documentary of this extremely hot photo shoot. She gets topless but keeps her hands tight on her chest. We will be doing the same thing until Charlotte stops teasing us and finally shows her McSkinney.