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Birthplace: McComb, Mississippi, US

Date of Birth: 12/02/81

Real Name: Britney Jean Spears

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It's Britney bitch! A lot of you are asking yourselves "Where can I find pics of Britney Spears nude?" and we're here to tell you! This legendary pop princess can be found in various states of undress right here! While our Britney Spears Candids, recent Britney pics, and Britney Spears vacation pics might not be absolutely filled with nudity, Britney Spears has shown more skin than many people know about, but more on that later! Before we get to our Britney Spears galleries we need to learn a little bit about the girl behind the iconic namesake. Spears ushered in the modern-day era of pop starlets, and throughout all of her ups and downs, this resilient, bright, heartful, gorgeous, and talented songstress has stayed true to herself and her charming southern roots. What can we say? We love Britney Spears and we're not afraid to say it! Okay okay okay. We hear you. You're asking "Where can I find videos of britney spears nude?" So let's get to it.

Britney Spears's first love was a rodent. She tried out for The Mickey Mouse Club, but the producers said she was too young! The now-buxom brat from rural Louisiana kept on truckin' and ended up in a couple of theatrical productions, which gave her the experience (and time enough to "grow up") to land that coveted MMC role opposite "Dirrty" temptress Christina Aguilera in 1993. But the big time came after her stint on The Club, when Britney made beautiful and sexy music history with her debut album. Her provocative hot-to-trot Catholic schoolgirl jail-bait videos and Lolita-like photo spread in Rolling Stone magazine kept fans stiff, and one of the most incandescent chapters in pop-stardom history was ignited. Suggestive radio hits and explicit MTV clips made Brit one of the most famous figures in the world, where her lung power and debates over her "real or fake?" torso torpedoes kept her on everyone's lips as she matured from T&A-intensive adolescence to raunchily ripe young womanhood.

It's hard to believe that Britney Spears was only a teenager when she was catapulted to international stardom. She was only eighteen years old during her Britney Spears photoshoot Oops I Did It Again era. And Spears was still barely legal when she stripped nearly naked in the I'm A Slave For You music video. Here she sweats it out in an abandoned warehouse full of sex-crazed dancers. Plus Spears took this smoke show to the stage, and delivered her unforgettable live performance of I'm A Slave For You in Las Vegas in 2001. During this time period the world put immense pressure on Ms. Spears and criticized her every move, but all she wanted to do was dance ya'll.

Spears was a cash cowess at this point, and her handlers didn't skip a beat when it came to promoting her bankable and spankable teen sex appeal. Cut to Britney Spears: Live and More!, a gratuitous (and ahead of its time) interactive video album that gives us a behind-the-scenes look into Spears' live. In the most suspiciously hot scene, a man straps her into her parasailing gear while she's only wearing a barely-there bubblegum pink bikini. It's a weird scene, but hey, Britney spears in a bikini! Plus the adorable Spears gives an interview while only wearing that boob hugger of a bikini top. She says that she went to the beach without her bodyguards so that she would not be recognized and could just have some fun in the sun interrupted. A group of kids went up to her and asked if she was Britney Spears, and she laughs as she recounts telling them that she didn't know who they were talking about. She's so charming in this clip! And those boobs!

Britney returned to acting, if only briefly, in the surprising critical hit Crossroads (2002) when she was twenty-one years old. We have a feeling many of you skipped out on this chick flick when it hit theaters in the early aughts, but if you're feeling aughty right now, you might want to check out the movie's sexiest scenes. For one of the most low-key sexy Britney spears moments in history (we promise we're not overselling this!) Spears playfully sings to Madonna's Open Your Heart while only in her sheer pink panties and skimpy top! In fact Spears even knots her top in the back to make sure it hugs her super tight bod in all of the right places. It's so hot seeing this blonde bombshell innocently jumping around her bedroom in just her underwear!

As if that isn't enough, in Crossroads Britney Spears also flashes Justin Long her truly insane body while only wearing the tiniest pink lace lingerie you can imagine, paired with a man's blazer. She opens the blazer to show Justin Long her amazing breasts, flat as holy hell stomach, and effortlessly slim hourglass figure. God spent a little more time on Britney Spears. And Justin Long is the one who gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor? Not fair.

Also in 2002 Spears opened up the blockbuster Austin Powers in Goldmember movie with her hypersexual ballad Boys. Everyone was getting a piece of that Spears money, even Austin Powers himself! They have a hilarious West Side Story-style dance off, with Spears' skyrocketing sex appeal stealing the show.

In 2004 Spears metamorphosed from Mouseketeer to MILF-keteer when she married fertile backup dancer/baby factory Kevin Federline and gave birth to sons Sean Preston and Jayden James. 2004 was also the year that Spears once again topped the charts with her hit Toxic. Speaking of Kevin Federline, amirite! In the Toxic music video Spears plays a saucy stewardess with mile-high sex appeal. We probably don't need to tell you that this is also where Britney gets on all fours in a sparkly see-through one-piece. She's blindingly sexy in this outfit! After a divorce from K-Fed, a series of pantiless paparazzi photos flooded the gossip pages, and an infamous head-shaving public freakout ensued. Spears teamed up with fellow 2000s troubled starlets like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton for wild nights out in West Hollywood.

Most people would crumble under the pressure Spears faced during this time period - but she came out a stronger woman and proved the h8ers wrong with a 2008 rebirth! Yet again, Spears climbed her way up the Billboard Hot 100 chart with the catchy bop Circus. Here she croons "There's only two types of guys out there. Ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared." We can hang! We can hang!

After 2008 the hits just kept coming. And all along the way Spears never shied away from sharing her epic body with the world. Staying on top of your game for decade after decade? Reminds us of someone. Oh yeah, Mr. Skin.com, celebrating over two decades of celebrity nudity. Ding. In 2013's Work Bitch Spears did indeed Work, Bitch. She shows off her midriff in a sparkly two-piece. And in the music video for Make Me... Spears wears a wild and hot black lace getup and has sex with a dude in bed!

Needless to say Brit's back on track with new music and a hot new bod. Her Vegas residency in 2018 also gave us a naughty nipslip from Brit during a live broadcast of the show! Spears was performing Do Something, and she did something by accidentally revealing her boob to the entire world! Those of you worried that you'd come out of the other side of Britney Spears' bio here at Mr. Skin without seeing her naked can breathe a sigh of relief. Sure, it's not the Britney Spears nudity that we want (you're probably saying to yourself right now "Show me nasty pictures") but frankly after the way the world has treated Britney Spears over the past two decades, it's the nudity we deserve. Kidding! Kinda.

Britney Spears continues to share her charm, looks, and talent with the world, and we are truly not worthy! Who knows, maybe Spears will join the world of prestige television and doff her duds at some point for real. Britney Spears on Bridgerton? The Game Of Thrones spinoffs? Crazier things have happened. Until that day comes, you can always check out Spears' hottest and sexy pics and videos ever right here at your thrusted resource for all things Britney Spears. C'mon, hit us, Britney . . . two more times!


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