Kirsten Dunst hits theaters this weekend with the hotly discussed A24 movie Civil War. We think that one thing can heal this fractured nation before we reach the point of another Civil War. And that thing is boobs. The boobs of naturally busty blondes, that is! Any new Kirsten Dunst project is an excuse to relive her best on-screen moments, and today we're sweetening the pot by checking out some of her blonde big-boobed brethren.

Scientists can neither confirm nor deny that blondes have more fun, but judging by the ten ladies on this list, they're certainly living life to the fullest. We rounded up ten blonde celebrities with the biggest natural breasts, and the results do not disappoint. Gentlemen the world over can agree that there's something special about a blonde woman with a huge hefty set of hooters, correct?

On this top ten list you can peep the goods from this weekend's star Kirsten Dunst as she chills by a stream in Melancholia. And what about Heather Graham's massive mams in Killing Me Softly? You '80s boys out there are going to have a soft spot (or should we say, a hard spot!) for Kelly Preston as well as the busty showering teens of Private School. Needless to say, all of these blonde naturally busty celebs are da But boys, let's keep things Civil, okay?

Blonde Actresses With The Biggest Boobs